The Paranoia of the Internet C.18.04.06

The internet can make you paranoid. Allow me to restate that, you can become totally absorbed by the content you read on line. There is so much crap out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to sort between what is true and what is fabricated. It can ultimately play with your head and cause a brain freeze.

The internet can make you paranoid especially Facebook news. If you drop down the rabbit hole of the internet you may find yourself immersed in the fantasy land of someone else’s propaganda.

The land of cyberspace is a wonderland indeed. It can take you on a journey which as you go deeper becomes more difficult to escape.

Take the internet in small doses and as fascinating as all the stuff piled on from every possible facet try if possible limit your visits to the maximum of one hour a day and this should include Facebook, the biggest place for causing paranoia.

Be sensible and be balanced, a little bit of technology per day rather than being ruled by it all day. Take a walk and take in the outside, there is a lot of world to enjoy off line.

Happy Celeritism


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