The Opening of the 2018 Games C.18.04.05

It was a spectacular show of Australian ancestry and daily Australian life in the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

But as always, the media had to zoom in on some negativity. That being of course Camila the wife of Charles who stood in for his mother the Queen. 

Camila was snapped flipping through a Games Program, some reports suggest it was a fashion magazine, but I hardly think so. I don’t see the problem with her looking at the program. After all, the media were watching their every move and she was probably just being, well normal. As for the look she was supposed to be giving as boredom, the woman was probably tired from her travels.

I am not a fan of royalty but at the same time I think simple bickering over stupid stuff is just that – stupid.

Very few people like Camila and I for one have little to think of her too but down right criticism for flipping through a program and interpreting her as being bored is going to far.

Hey people get off her back and turn your focus on the Games instead.

Happy Celeritism


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