Do you wake up running or sluggish? C.18.04.04

This is an interesting thought but most of us wake up in different moods. I know if I am excited about the new day because of something I had been looking for to, I tend to wake up running.

I wake up enthusiastic about getting on with the day and regardless of whether I had a good night’s sleep or not I tend to be overflowing with energy. I love my waking up running feeling but unfortunately, I need to be looking forward to something to make that happen and if not, well it is a sluggish wake up.

Most days I have to say I do wake up feeling sluggish knowing I have to get out of bed only to force myself to roll out and up. These are the days where regardless of how full the day seems in front of me – my enthusiasm is not peaked.

It doesn’t matter how you wake in the morning but what is important is a good night’s sleep. It is the healthy way to be and is vital for you as you age.

Get a good nights and sleep and feeling good can make you want to wake running.

Happy Celeritism


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