Curses C.18.03.13

Are curses real or are they the product of the power of suggestion? I am fascinated by the strength a suggestion can have on a person. It can be given by someone of standing or it can be self-inflicted. Yes, I said self-inflicted.

Suggestions can be very strong particularly if they are packed with the ideals of fear. Gosh religions use this as their tool of control constantly. Do this and you will go to hell. Do that (stuff that is beneficial to the religions) and you will go to heaven. But for those of us who don’t recognize a place called heaven and hell it is dried up on us. But it would blow you away to realize the amount of people who believe these suggestions.

It is the religious suggestions or the fables which cause the self-inflicted curses. It is doing something with the threat of an imaginary outcome which causes the curse.

Although this is becoming unthreaded, gay couples were loaded with all sorts of threats because of their orientation. Even though they feel comfortable with their choices, it can be that from a childhood threat of being gay this can come back to them as curses. This can be manifested into illnesses or even bad luck. It is such a destructive ideal.

So, let me lay the ground work. There is no such thing as curses, so do your best to side step the negative power of suggestion.

Happy Celeritism


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