Repetitive Strain Injury C.18.03.09

This is fast becoming a recognized injury and partly due to using technology like computers and mobile phones.

Repetitive Strain injury (RSI) is injury to the nervous systems that may have been caused by repetitive tasks.

Some examples experienced by people with this problem is aching, pulsing pain, tingling, pressure on the chest walls, extreme weakness, major discomfort and restrictive movement from the area of extreme use like arms, legs and/or chest.

The initial assumption is often the panic of having a heart attack because the pain can be piercing.

Repetitive Strain can be experienced from intense sports using particular muscles over and over again.

Never ignore any pain for any reason and always seek medical advice if you feel intense pain of any type. It is always better to be safe and diagnosed then it being too late.

Try to avoid repetitive tasks that can eventually cause restrictive movements to your body which in turn can be a strained injury.

Happy Celeritism


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