Stories in My Head C.18.02.15

Everyone has a creative side regardless of whether we admit it or not. Some people are better than others when it comes to storytelling.

I find my self making stories in my head when I go on my morning walks. It could be a girl at the centre of a story where a prince charming chases her in a very romantic gesture. Or it could be about being shipwrecked on a deserted island where an adventure takes place over time.

The good thing about imagination and imaginative stories is they have no boundaries. These are often called day dreaming and I think this is very healthy.

Creating stories in your head and daydreaming the impossible is sometimes better than sitting through a scripted movie. In your head you can be as devious or as nice as you like. You can even be the person you are not by simply imagining it.

Creating stories are fun, harmless and healthy so the next time you find yourself in a quiet or bored moment then allow your mind to take you on an adventure.

Happy Celeritism


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