The Bee Populations C.18.02.12

I had a wonderful experience yesterday and that was seeing bees. I haven’t seen bees in my garden for almost two years hence I have had no passion fruits for two years because they have not been pollinated.

The world has suffered a bee shortage and there have been many reasons for this dilemma. The most important thing is to encourage their return.

We need bees – it is as simple as that. They buzz around going from foliage to foliage pollinating the flowers which in turn produce our food supply.

Encourage not discourage bees. Do not be afraid of being stung because they only do so when they feel threatened – as any species would including you and I. Instead encourage the bee population by not trying to kill them because you have a fear of them.

We need bees so do your little bit by embracing their presence. My mother use to put out a saucer of water with sugar in it if ever she saw a bee appearing to die or struggle. I have no idea if it worked but she said it did. In her old age she encouraged bees to go about their busy lives and if my mother is a simple example then I am sure you can also contribute by letting them go about their business.

Happy Celeritism


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