Cinematic Experience C.18.02.10

I watched an old Black and White movie the other night and was so impressed with not only the fine acting but the filming – even in black and white.

The expertise in the old movies out does the majority of new technologically advanced screenings. From the actors and actresses to the actual film it was done so professionally that it makes our current movie and film industry look sloppy.

Last night I had a night out at the cinemas and I have noticed this on many occasions of late and that is the quality of the film. This is not only reflected in the backdrops and props but also the actual storyline. The power in the story was very weak and yet it was considered popular – by who I don’t know.

I think many of the critics who critique these films have become numb to the actual value and story on the screen.

I have taken a new-found admiration and keenness in the older movies and not only the black and whites but many of the older classics.

The ultimate cinematic experience is not in the modern crap showing on our screens today but rather the treasures of yesteryear.

Happy Celeritism


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