Compulsively Telling Lies C.18.02.08

Life is a story and full of tales. Gossip and talk can hurt, and it can gain momentum.

A couple of days ago I listened to a friend tell a hurtful story about a couple insisting their xmas party was only attended by 2 or 3 guests. And that this couple had no friends, and no one liked them. The story broadened, and a great load of details added.

I think my mouth was wide open with amazement. I didn’t know what to say.

So, after the story teller told I quietly attempted to correct the story. I started with “I was at that party and there were probably around 50 people or more. We had a fabulous time and everyone at the party loved the couple. We had speeches after the meal and I could not feel any dislike by anyone”.

It occurred to me that when someone is jealous or feels excluded then in comes a story which does not belong.

My other friends looked at me speechless and the story teller, I realize now, the compulsive story teller was lost for words. I have learnt from first hand experience not to trust any tale from the mouth of this person.

It is sometimes better to say nothing than to say something in front of someone who better knows a situation.

Happy Celeritism


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