Shopping and Prices C.18.01.28

This is a subject I have touched on many times – the over pricing of products. Our need to spend and to spend big is based on professional marketing. It is an age-old game to get consumers to overspend on products.

Many premises go all out to deck out their stores with fluff. The fluff being to lure you into what you think is an expensive life style. I was one who fell for these traps but not anymore. I have come off my perch to realise for many years I have been had by product name and so-called popularity.

If a product is genuinely unique and it is made of quality inclusions, then I don’t have a problem parting with hard earned cash. I do however am very wary of purchasing because of name and brilliant marketing strategy.

Shop sensibly. I cannot say this enough and save your money, so it spreads further for more pleasures in life.

Happy Celeritism


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