Seasons of the Year C.18.01.24

Summer Autumn Winter Spring, the four seasons of change. In the western world we are accustomed to these seasons, but this is not shared in some parts of the world.

Take for instance the Philippines, they have wet and dry seasons. They do not share the four changes in the year. In the Philippines it is hot all year round and when the rains and typhoons come it can bring a slight cool relief. Of course, the typhoons cause a great deal of damage, but the rains are refreshing.

The seasons allow our crops to rotate and the ground to have time to reproduce. The stages of the seasons bring about so many emotional changes.

Summer the time to go to the beach or for outdoor activities. Autumn, that time of year when the earth prepares for the colder months. It allows us to mellow down after the hots of the summer period. Winter, a time to rug up and feel the fresh cold wind against your face. Spring brings about new life not only with the animals but also the plants in preparation for the hot sultry sun of summer.

Enjoy the season and allow the changes to be a time for you to wind down from your regular pace. Regardless of where you live in the world, enjoy the seasons even if you are living with a year of night or a year of sunlight, make the most of it.

Happy Celeritism


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