The Cost of Living C.18.01.16

I think in some cases the cost of living is lower than even 10 years ago with the exemption of course – utilities.

Power, water and the necessities of life have hit roof high. But as for clothes and some food items, I think the prices have steadied a lot.

The cost and values of things today compared to yesterday are close. I was watching an old sitcom on tv Murder She Wrote and on it Jessica orders a salad focaccia on the specials board for (if my memory serves me) $11. And I waited for the credits to see it was during the 1990’s. So, if you were to compare a similar lunch special today in 2018 the price is about on par.

Things like bread and milk have dropped in recent years but other things like take away foods seem to be the same as twenty years ago.

I used to spend twice as much on clothing 15 years ago than what I do today. Stores every where run specials, all year round, so it would be crazy to pay full price.

The price wars on all products is very good for the consumer and allows you to consider the mark up profit that was there in the first place.

If you shop savvy you can shop with great savings.

Happy Celeritism


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