The Stereotype Look C.18.01.06

Age appropriate has always bothered me. How we look makes some people think what we could be like. I hate being boxed into something because it must be of the approval of the old-fashioned people.

I love to dress how I feel and if that is too young or too old then my advice to anyone who has a problem with this is – don’t look at me.

If how I look, dress and behave in a fun fashion makes you think it marks my moral thinking then think again…

In recent years it has been coming to surface that people society are supposed to trust like professionals and religious people, yes I mean priests and pastors have been found out for sexual crimes. This image places the old fashion thinkers to shame.

You dress and look how you wish because I love a person with individuality because I bet they will be extremely nice and trusting people.

Don’t be a stereotype, make your fashion mark on the world.

Happy Celeritism


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