Judgemental People C.17.12.31

The world is full of it – people who are judgemental. People are continuously being judged even if they do nothing at all.

I have a friend who is suffering judgement. This friend has been snubbed and for nothing more than attitude. The attitude of speak of is from the people causing the judging. This friend minds her own business, is always helpful and there for everyone. It seems it has caused a friction among a small group of people.

I strongly stand with this friend because I too have been a victim of judgement. Minding my own business, I have been accused of things I had no idea I had even done and that is because I haven’t done any thing I have been accused of.

It comes down to an unnatural case of jealously. A jealously with no base but maybe nothing more than the other people having spun a dislike.

The only way to handle judgement is to own it. This is what I have done and something my friend does now. You see I use to be nice but since people want to misjudge me then I think it is better to just say – I am no longer nice…

Ah hum, such is life.

Happy Celeritism


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