The Amusing Royals C.17.12.29

I have a major dislike for anyone who thinks they are better than anyone else. This is not about tall poppy syndrome but rather about equality amongst everyone.

I laughed myself silly when I read about the spoilt brats Beatrice and Eugenie Windsor who their dad is the brother of Charles Windsor commonly known as and I use the word commonly strongly Prince Charles.

Anyway, the two brats are at it again, pushing themselves above everyone else making out they are the cream of society. Their attitude is pushed by the engagement between Harry and Meghan. It seems (no shock here) they oppose Harry marrying a commoner. I don’t suppose they happen to consider they love each other.

Anyway, I love it. The more the Windsor members marry and have children the further it pushes the brats Beatrice and Eugenie down the scales.

One can only hope when the next generation take the British throne that this whole royal snobbery comes to a tumbling halt.

Happy Celeritism


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