Self-Ignition C.17.12.16

Many years ago, there was a spate of self-ignition. This is where for no obvious reason a person becomes engulfed in flames. There has been a considerable time since such a phenomenon has occurred, but it has again recently.

A pensioner in London experienced such a phenomenon after catching fire for no explained reason.

Self-combustion has no known cause and there are many theories as to its cause. It is known not to ignite anything around the person caught up in their self flames. 

Police were called to a man ablaze on 17th September and although the cause is unknown it is something to know.

Some theories suggest that the body experiences an unusual rise in temperature being unable to regulate (and yet London keeps a regular cool temperature) and then there is the thinking that it is a combination of body fluids and chemicals.

At this moment, there is no need for panic, because the cause is unknown and rare. But it is fascinating that such a phenomenon occurs.

Happy Celeritism


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