Home Sick North Koreans C.17.12.15

It is a turn of events, escaped North Koreans desperately wanting to return home. It is probably simple to understand.

Freedom to South Korea is very attractive but defectors are being shunned. The South Koreans, it seems, do not want to welcome the nearly escaped North Koreans. Many of the defectors are home sick for their families and previous life. Although the conditions in North Korea are harsh, the mettle of family seems to rise above any discomfort.

It must be a hard choice for someone to run away from their country, their family and their friends to only feel unwelcomed and treated like second class citizens.

About 25% of North Koreans, or so these are the figures given, want to return to their hometown. I would think that if travel was easy between the two countries and the hostilities and strict dictatorship did not cause so much discomfort then perhaps the choice to live in another country with the freedom to travel may ease the pangs of home sickness.

Regardless this is a very sad situation for the Koreans be it the North Koreans seeking a new life and the South Koreans who feel pressured to accept their North brothers.

It would be so much easier if life was not so complicate. Either way my heart goes out to all of them.

Happy Celeritism


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