Alien Life Out There C.17.12.13

Could it be possible. The first answer must be, of course anything is possible. We cannot assume we are the only life forms in the universe. However what other lifeforms from elsewhere would possibly be – would probably be very different to us.

Our evolutionary process our form is relevant to the planet we live on. Earth sustains our parameters of necessities for our existence. But take a planet which is made up of say liquid gases or molten rock then the life form on that planet or moon would have a very different lifeform to us.

We are who we are along with the many species we co-exist with because of the nature of our planet. But take away the air we breathe the food we rely upon and make up a totally different scenario planet and the lifeforms would be of a totally distinctive look. There would probably be no need for a nose to breath or a mouth to consume food. The life form may fly rather than walk because the surface is liquid. Intelligent life form can still develop under different scenarios.

We must take ourselves out of the preconceived idea of what constitutes life and open our eyes to extraordinary possibilities that life elsewhere could be beyond our ability to imagine.

Alien life is just that – the contact with a form different from us.

Happy Celeritism


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