New York Explosion C.17.12.12

It is the festive season and Santa is on his way and what do we read – another idiot decides to set off a bomb. New York has had its fair share of bad fates, but this is too much.

People should feel safe even in major cities like New York. Fortunately, this time the attacker was an amateur and it seems he did more harm to himself then the people he expected to kill around him.

A terrorist is a terrorist regardless if they are successful or not and this person should be allowed to feel the full extent of his injury. I know that sounds cruel but I have developed a no tolerance for people who do harm to others.

It would seem his intentions was to maximize the attack but in his attempt to do so he only hurt himself and injured those around him.

Be diligent this festive season and keep a keen eye for the idiots who have no regard for human life.

Happy Celeritism


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