The Queen and Wedding Attendance C.17.12.04

It is the custom for the Queen not to attend a wedding in her family if it involves a divorcee. It is at this point I step back in disgust.

The British Queen did not attend her own son’s wedding because he married a divorcee and now it is improbable she will attend her grandson’s nuptial because his bride to be is a divorcee.

Where does out rated tradition stand in the way of family end? I don’t care for the position she holds – it is over-rated as it is – but to bluntly not attend her grandson’s wedding because she holds herself on this high pedestal of being the supreme head of the church is sheer stupidity.

Royalty protocol and church functions interfere too much in the family unit. If it is not abuse it is holding the royal protocol above family.

These senseless ideals only spin me further into feeling it is time for both church and royals to come to an end.

The British Queen, regardless of her loyalty and her sense of keeping tradition should be brave enough to stand up and say okay I was stupid when I didn’t attend my son’s wedding to his divorcee wife but for my grandson I will attend the wedding in the name of family.

Family should always come first.

Happy Celeritism


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