Celebrity Abuse C.17.11.27

It is becoming increasingly noticeable the amount of reports of celebrities being abused so as to secure a future in the film industry.

These abuses and all the other reports of abuse professional and clergy alike is beginning to show the cracks are appearing. But these are good cracks because it means that while the power of abuse held together a hidden world – now that glue on these abusers are starting to fall apart.

While these reports of all sorts of abuse are coming in, what this flag is that our future is looking better and better.

It will become increasingly difficult for popular people considered respectability to get away with sexual abuse. I think this uncovering is fantastic.

It is important- no paramount, that each person who has wishes for stardom are not subject to sexual abuse to gain their dreams. Equally it is even more comforting to know that the preacher who stands before his congregation preaching evil will not get away with sexual abuse behind closed doors.

Again, I say, I look forward to a clean and respectful future.

Happy Celeritism


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