The Brain C.17.11.20

Our brains are a very sophisticated piece of equipment. It is our brain which takes in, deciphers and then returns to us explanations of the world around us.

It is impossible (at the moment) to reproduce the full function of the brain. It is a very intelligent piece of wiring. The world around is what our brain comprehends. It sounds all very mystical, but it is not. Each person perceives things differently.

I see the world differently to you and when you connect with someone who seems to see the world as you do it is almost like a gallop in the heart.

Our brain manages all our emotions particularly things like fear and happiness. For some people they appear to hold no emotions and perhaps that is due to a misfire within the brain.

We live within our brain and when we die, it is our brain which stores who we are which dies, our bodies are only the vessel to carry our brain around.

Protect your brain and only feed it healthy information.

Happy Celeritism


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