The Future C.17.11.19

No one knows the future, there is no denying that but by all accounts, it has a good direction. I mean this because with the amount of voices for various causes the people are standing up for humanity.

Once upon a time the church had a great deal of influence but now it is the people. This is evident by the recent Yes vote for same sex marriages but also for the many groups out there taking and making concerns for all sorts of affairs.

Sometimes it is hard to choose which cause to follow and having this large choice made me realise that our future is in good hands.

Yes, I am aware that there are major threats to the planet and the onset of wars but on the grand scale of things there are people around the world working toward making things better.

Yes, I think there is a great future ahead of us and it is because, so many people have thrown themselves into so many good causes that this time in a hundred years I bet this planet will be a better place.

Happy Celeritism


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