NK Defector C.17.11.18

It says a lot about a peoples since the uncovering of the enormous amount of parasites found in the testiness of a North Korean defector.

A man in his 20’s risked his life for freedom into South Korea and in doing so was showered with bullets fired by his former comrades.

No one knows yet anything about this young man except he challenged his own life for freedom. On arrival in South Korea he was taken into medical custody where intense operations were to save his life. In doing so it was discovered he was littered with parasites.

He has been left critically injured and all I can think is that this young man must have been desperate to place his life on the line for freedom.

It is considered that the shortage of fertilizers for crops and the usage of human faeces is the reasoning for the parasite infestation.

There is no doubt this is a human rights concern for the many innocent North Koreans who to endure their savage and desperate lives.

Happy Celeritism


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