Disposable World C.17.11.14

There is no doubt it, we throw away stuff. We live in a time where value for small and simple things simply can be tossed away.

I try my best, but must admit struggle with it, to not be so throw away. I try to consider everything as important. For example, I have been doing a major clean out in my home and being the horde one moment and the throw away freak the next I tried to work toward a compromise. In the end I was keeping useless stuff and throwing, could be needed in the future, stuff.

Waste is something I am trying to minimize. I think in my head what can be recycled and such and in the end, have ended up with a pile of stuff. The stuff being clothing which, when I have the time, I could remake and at the other end of the spectrum reams of paper which I could use the backs of for shopping lists. I just have to cut and staple into pads.

The long and the short of it, I realized we live in a disposable world where if something doesn’t look good anymore we toss it. It is such a shame because if we are truly worried about the garbage on this planet then our disposable thinking is not helping matters.

Let us think of ways to cut down on purchases in the first instance and then think about what we already have and how we can put it to good use, so we don’t go on disposing unnecessarily.

Happy Celeritism


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