Smart Shopping C.17.11.07

This little idea is probably something a lot of you already know but something I found out for myself. When I shop I find I am very conscious of refrigerated items and in thinking this always carry a chill bag. Now this may seem obvious to you but for me I was a little slow.

I often wondered that the bag seemed not much different to the other bags except it was silver lined in a protective cover, I suppose to maintain the product in a cool state.

Then I came up with the Cooler Bag Shopping idea, even can be done with regular bags too.

I have been placing my shopping bags, cooler and regular in the chest freezer so when I go shopping for meats and other refrigerated things I can place them in cool bags. It is such a savvy idea.  

Now I am sure half of you will roll your eyes already knowing this, so this is for those people like me who hadn’t thought of this neat idea.

Happy Celeritism


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