Moral Markers C.17.10.27

Everyone has the ability to display morals. The religious world tends to think it is a necessity to believe in god like figure and follow a biblical text in order to be moral thinkers. This is not so.

Morality is instilled upon us through society. The need to do the right thing is a conscience act and does not need the fortification of a holy book and its teachings.

If you were to visit any criminal establishment where prisoners have been taken into custody you will find murderers and dishonest people alike have been groomed in religious theology so their morality from their god did not make them morally good.

Morality is not marked by religion but rather by what we in society share as a secular conscience. And it is a disgrace when a religious person tells a non-religious person they are morally corrupt because they don’t believe in a god. Ta Ta that is so morally wrong.

Non-believers have the ability to be as morally good as anyone else.

Happy Celeritism


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