Hearing at Death C.17.10.19

Death comes to us all eventually. It has been speculated on so many levels what happens at death. It is claimed by religious people there is life after death and this has sold religious belief.

Death is death. But it is those last moments before life is extinguished which has been a matter of observation.  As all the senses collapse, the need for food, sight, speech, smell, one thing does remain till the end and that is hearing.

People who have awoken from coma’s have claimed that they have heard everything around them. Their coma state makes them look asleep but even though their ability to speak is not available, their hearing remained peaked. Therefore, it should be no surprise that it is hearing which is the last to go at death.

It is important to know that when you sit with your loved ones and friends at their death bed be aware of what you say and only give words of comfort and love because the odds are they can hear every word and your words will matter.

Happy Celeritism


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