Flying Blind C.17.10.05

It is easy to fly blind when it comes to technology. My entire system went down this morning which meant except for the fact I can still connect to the internet the laptop packed it in. I am on borrowed technology at the moment and well, I am flying blind.

I cannot think straight or remember what I was going to write. This is sad because my life has revolved around dependency on my computer. I don’t know what state I will be in if all my documents cannot be saved.

I am trying to step back and consider myself lucky because I am safe health wise and this should be considered a small hitch.

One lesson I have learnt, always have a back up and this is something I have not done. I have two unpublished books which I have lost and the idea of writing from scratch scares me.

What I need is a hot cup of tea and a moment to collect my thoughts and think about where I go from here.

Some people would suggest that if this is all I have to complain about then life is good and they are correct.

Two things then, don’t let technology rule and always have a back up system for documents.

Happy Celeritism




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