Motherhood C.17.10.04

Parenthood at its best is challenging and more so when travelling. I was reading an article about a mum who placed her three month old baby on a blanket on the floor of the airport. The picture went viral.

For the many mums who travel such a move is a very sensible one. The mum had been held over at the airport and due to sheer tiredness gave herself a break. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Apparently some man took a photo and then uploaded it to the internet, obviously a very naive interfering man.

Placing a baby on a blanket on the floor of the airport is no big deal. As a parent you need to compromise when travelling and well done for being sensible.

People should do less criticizing and more supporting.

The woman was captured on her phone but this would seem natural if she was held up at the airport and had to let family know she was delayed. I figured that out before I read the story.

The methods used by mums vary and acceptance should be without debate.

Happy Celeritism


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