God and Health C.17.09.30

This is a story too often told. Parents who refuse to use medical help to save their children relying on god to heal.

It is a fallacy the god idea and there is nothing there to save anyone. Denying children of medical attention under the guise of god is nothing short of murder.

In other cases where children are suffering particularly with cancer patients I can understand parents not wanting their children to suffer. That is a different choice because these children are terminal and the parents want them to feel better by not subjecting them to more traumatic treatment if the results remain the same.

Parents who stand back and allow their children to die because they think god will intervene only goes to show how deeply the religious ideal has infiltrated their common sense.

If you are a parent and your child is sick be sensible and explore all medical possibilities. Don’t be a fool and expect a god that does not exist to intervene.

Happy Celeritism


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