Super Mummies C.17.09.28

Are you one of those mums who juggle everything perfectly? It always amazes me how there are these high powered career women who magically balance work and family without fault. It makes me wonder how they do it.

I see women in shopping centres struggling to do the basics for their family and with only one purpose as a mum and not doing a career as well. But then I thought for a mum to hold down a career then she must be getting help because it would be difficult to have a baby and work as well.

So does this really make them a super mummy? Not really because any mum who has help is not doing it alone.

So for those of you mummies out there who think you are failing on the scale of things, then don’t panic, I bet you are doing a great job.

Motherhood is a juggling act and any woman who acts like she is a super mum is not being completely honest.

Parenthood is a busy time and regardless of what people say, it is not easy so hang in there and do your best and don’t bother with titles like super mummy.

Happy Celeritism


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