Generational Knowledge C.17.09.25

Each generation contributes to society in not only passing precious knowledge from parents to children but also in the community.

We can look back and consider what our parents and grandparents taught us and then look at today with all the technological and scientific marvel there is. There is more to acquire in the knowledge stacks today than our ancestors.

Take for example brushing your teeth. I bet for the older generation parents did little to detail the technique of brushing your teeth. Today the art is more concise and a greater effort to detail is being taken by modern parents.

Cleanliness is another habit which is gaining more attention in this generation. Our fore parents enjoyed sunny days of eating mud pies while today parents are over protecting of any little dirt on their kiddies fingers.

Each generation contributes to knowledge and because it is expanding science and technological understanding helping in these areas that we should never blame our parents for ‘not knowing’ during their time.

Happy Celeritism


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