Philippine President Orders C.17.09.21

I am not too sure how to react to the Philippine Presidents order. He has made it public that if his son is found to be a drug smuggler that he has ordered for him to be killed.

I know most people would think that that is fair because what is good for the people should be good for the president’s family. It is a chilling thought.

President Rodrigo Duterte eldest son has claimed his innocence and has declared the rumours are false. But even so it is a chilling prospect if he is innocent and there is a grudge bearing police officer who decides that he will kill anyway, then how is that justified.

As I said I am not sure how to react to that order by the Philippine president but even more so if his son is killed – will it be fully under the proof of guilt.

Life is precious and although I have a zero tolerance for drugs I also have an equally zero tolerance to violence.

Happy Celeritism


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