Constant Critics C.17.09.08

Everyone has an opinion, that’s okay because it highlights freedom of speech. But what irritates me is when those opinions are stretched to silly things like what people wear, what they eat and how they live within their own homes.

I think the world is becoming over critical and people just like to nit pick for no strong reason. I read this morning how there was a massive criticizes how Trumps wife wore clothes not made in America and this is amongst the ignored threat of North Korea. Who gives a wizard what the first lady is wearing – so what?

The constant tit bits of critics only go to show many people do not have a life. And before you jump up and down yes I am aware the article about the first lady was in a twitter made by Trump regarding Labour Day and the local products of America. It doesn’t matter; some people must have boring lives.

Constant Criticisms are not healthy. For the bigger things we all need opinions but by golly gosh what a person wears or how they do their hair or whatever other personal choice they make is really not up to you to criticize – public life or not.

Happy Celeritism


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