Nanomachines C.17.09.04

I love it, brilliant scientists have uncovered a powerful way to combat cancer and I think this is great.

I read this morning that tests were conducted at Durham University using Nanomachines which killed cancer cells in 60seconds. What a break through.

I love our world of science and thankfully there are some really brilliant people who are working tirelessly to bring comfort and health to the rest of the world.

I understand, the motor is a rotor like chain of atoms. They are organized to move in one direction causing the molecules to rotate at high speed. This in turn allows it to enter the cancer cell at a rapid speed.

This is a light activated nanomachine which can either deliver medication or target cancer cells by drilling into the membranes.

This is a major step forward in non- invasive cancer treatment.

I love progress and this has really given me a buzz. Thank you, you wonderful scientists.

Happy Celeritism


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