Selective Memory C.17.08.25

As terrible as this reads it is true. Our memory is selective. We have a tendency to retain and hold certain memories. The most difficult part is that memory can also be altered.

We can be influence by what we are told. Even if we witness first hand an incident we can be persuaded to remember a situation differently. This happens constantly.

Witnesses in an accident can see the situation different to another witness of an accident and that is because we remember what we think we understand rather than what has actually happened.

Retelling an incident can be dramatically changed because if our brain struggles to process a situation it will make changes to the memory so as to fit the pieces of the puzzle.

We all experience selective memory and no matter how adamant we are of something being a certain way it doesn’t mean it is accurate.

Sometimes it is best to just accept differences and not get caught up in the irrationality of memory against memory.

Happy Celeritism


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