Optical Illusions C.17.08.23

Have you experienced your eyes playing tricks on you? It happens. I have had moments when I thought I saw someone but when I blinked the image was gone, faded. It happened to me today. I thought I saw a man in a blue shirt and black trousers. The image faded in front of me. I know this may come across as being a little crazy but then it happened a second time.

My brain went into conspiracy mode and I started to think of all weird things like perhaps the person was in a different dimension and he just so happen had stepped into my dimension momentarily.

It is amazing how our mind operates and I started to understand how people can run with their imaginations.

On the second time of seeing the image it occurred to me I saw a man a few days earlier walking down the street in front of me with the same look. I then started to think a little deeper and then I realised our brain instructs what we see and how we see things.

So here is my analysis.

I did not see someone come through from a different dimension or time frame but rather I experienced an optical illusion.

I had seen a few days earlier the image and for some reason my brain stored the image and like a video of a scene it replayed the image in front of me – twice. My brain manufactured the image for me to give it the appearance it was in front of me and me seeing it to me projecting the image internally outward. This would explain in both cases why the image faded away. It was my eyes creating the image. It was an optical illusion.

Too often we think things are happening around us when in fact it is images we are projecting from ourselves.

Happy Celeritism


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