Revelation C.17.08.22

Probably the scariest writings of all time would have to be the Biblical Revelation. It is a book full of fear mongering and destruction.

It makes me wonder why so many people take this script serious. It was written by a madman in the first century CE who was shunned and put on Patmos hence his name John of Patmos.

The writings are in riddles to intentionally confuse the reader. It rambles on in the most arrogant and threatening manner.

Religious followers are told these words are from their god when in fact it was the workings of a crazy man.

The church encouraged crazy because people, sadly, love drama. Followers expect the impossible and drama in their belief system and fail to read and recognize the long trail of nonsense.

Mythology has held the population hostage for thousands of years. And mythology is a great money earner fuelled with fear.

Stand back and really consider the reality of the ancient scripts and come to understand as thousands of people per day are realizing that these scriptures of antiquity are nothing more than the pastime fiddles of an individual who had a need for drama.

Happy Celeritism


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