Diary of Anna Franks C.17.08.21

This is a story which has skyrocketed to stardom. I recall this from many years ago how a simple diary was found after the war. A young girl wrote her personal experience as a way to cope.

It was the discovery of this diary which gave the sensationalists the idea to promote it. The actual content of the diary is said to contain a very basic outline of a very simple life.

But with a great deal of imagination and artistic input that simple diary became a blockbuster movie.

The movie of Anna Franks was so over worked in story that 99% of the final product was removed from the original writings of the diary. For example, in many instances for Anna to know what was going on outside and around her hiding place she could not have known about from where she had been hiding. It would prove impossible for her to have the knowledge the screenwriters claimed she knew. And this is because what she experienced was not what ended up being the movie.

I think the only thing that was from the original diary of Anna Franks was the concept the idea that a young girl kept a diary – everything else was a story to sell a movie.

Happy Celeritism


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