Mother Theresa C.17.08.20

This was one scary lady. The Catholic Church did wonders to pick up this veiled woman and use her as the greatest marketing tool the church desperately needed.

It has been uncovered that Mother Theresa was very much a sadist. She loved people to suffer. She denied proper medical attention and treatment marketing that pain was good. The image which has been portrayed of her in both books and on the screen has been edited with a huge dose of artistic licences.

People love pain and mother Theresa loved it the most. It is reported that when she was ill she demanded every possible pain relief, something she denied those in her charge. It has also come out that she squandered millions of dollars and behind the scenes lived a very privileged life.

The Catholic Church has struggled for popularity for a long time and those commissioned to find a solution to the churches image hit upon mother Theresa and then raised her to status of saint in waiting.

Believers and followers have too often been led astray and this is something I despise. Mother Theresa does not have the right to the title she has been given but then again this is just another trick of the church with all its other unscrupulous atrocities like paedophilia and forced adoptions of young girls who found themselves pregnant.

It is a wicked world we live in and it is even more wicked when the people we are told to trust have used, abused and misled so many of its followers.

Be smart; don’t follow blindly without fully knowing the story.

Happy Celeritism


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