Nostradamus C.17.08.19

Rumour has it that Nostradamus foretold the future. But is this true? The whole legend behind Nostradamus has been sensationalized by theories marketed by conspiracy.

The interesting exclusion by Nostradamus is the lack of actual names, dates and identified in detail activities. It would seem therefore that the documents written by Nostradamus are no more than the obvious hit and miss opinions of a very smart individual.

I could very easily sit down and forecast a future of disaster. A could suggest a future overthrown by small but strong individuals. I could also predict a war so great it is beyond imaginings. I could go on and on and you know what – every person with a basic idea of history or common sense of the workings of society could make accurate predictions of the future.

It would be easy in the future for someone who yearns for drama to pick up my scribbling and say wow this Celeritism dude predicted a bleak future and look it is coming true. Oh this must be some prophet or second coming or Nostradamus copy cat.

The bottom line is that history is repetitive and as time evolves of course things will be done bigger and better and be scarier.

It doesn’t mean I foresaw the future but rather with a bit of common sense could hit and miss the future. It is the hits which are noticed and the misses discarded just like with Nostradamus.

No – Nostradamus did not foretell the future.

He sat down and wrote some scary scribblings which any person at any time could do and manage to hit the nail on the head.

Happy Celeritism


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