Genetic Origin C.17.08.11

One question I have always asked is why are there black people, white people, yellow people and Asian people different from Caucasian people?

Today answers are starting to trickle in. I have no issue being related to the ape family tree but it still doesn’t answer my pressing first question.

It seems there was a great deal of interbreeding from our ancient ancestors. It shows from DNA evidence that the Neanderthals who were thought to have bred out actually bred into our branch of modern human. To add to this mixture there is DNA analysis that also shows another cousin of our species called Denisovans, like the Neanderthals added to the cocktail mixture of our evolution.

Slowly answers are being brought to light and by my thinking this research has only just begun. My bet is that there are a few more interbred species which contributed to our human geno and this will be the answer we are looking for of the many differences in the modern human species.

Happy Celeritism


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