Electricity, Water and Food Costs C.17.08.04

We are facing a time of increased expenses. Our daily necessities are becoming a luxury rather than the normal.

The cost of living is escalating. People should not have to exist in a tight world. When you take a job and you do all the correct things and then at the end of the day find yourself budgeting for little treats – then it is a world gone mad.

We all should have a comfortable life. To live should not drain your finances.

The very basics in life being water, electricity and food are becoming increasingly high priced. It is no wonder people are ill because most of them can’t afford medical attention and the stress alone is driving people to sickness.

Everyone should campaign for more affordable water, electricity and food costs. It should not have to be a privilege to eat but rather a birthright.

Support a better economical nation.

Happy Celeritism


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