Homelessness C.17.08.03

This is a growing worry particularly amongst the young population. The most problematic part of homelessness is that there is a minority who preference living in the streets. This is worrisome because this identifies a group which live on the streets in rebellion toward the system rather than the need to do so.

Homelessness is from the inability to afford accommodation and in this generation this should not be happening. We should have progressed in society to be able to address humanities needs in all areas. The voluntary want to be homeless is another situation all together and that is just foolishness.

We should work toward a better society and a better level of living. Commodities such as electricity, water and food are becoming an expensive part of living and should be addressed. These necessities should not swallow household costs but in this greedy time of making big money sadly it does.

We should push for affordable living costs such as the commodities and hopefully this would help in lowering the homeless figures.

Happy Celeritism


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