Rape in Marriage C.17.07.25

This may come as a surprise but rape in a marriage is possible. Even though a couple are married it does not give the man the right to have sex without consent from his wife and for that matter visa versa.

Rape in marriage is sadly common. Men tend to think women are their sex slaves and this is mostly due to the biblical texts religions follow. But let us step outside the religious dogma – sex should be treated with respect by both parties.

Sex is a shared respect and one which should not be taken for granted. Sex should not be forced upon another person – ever.

In the world of equality, which this world is finally recognizing it must be acknowledged that we own our bodies. Our body and our use of our body are exclusive to us. We share ourselves with our partners in a relationship as we choose.

Do not accept abuse in a marriage or a relationship. You are still master and mistress to your own body.

Respect yourself and those you say you love.

Happy Celeritism


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