Fat People On Planes C.17.07.23

Flying is a challenge these days but more so for those people who are plus size. This discomfort can work both ways. Not only can an over sized person be uncomfortable but often the person sitting beside a large person is often subject to the overhanging use of the seats.

People should not feel uncomfortable whether it is a large person or a small person sitting beside one. Is there a solution?

Planes have standard size for their seating but what about a row of seats perhaps midway on the plane – so it doesn’t show preference for front or back of the plane. These mid way seats could be a row of extended width seats. These seats could be say one and half the regular width and therefore could even call for a one and a half of the ticket price. At the moment large people are asked to pay for two tickets and the vacant seat they pay for can still be sold. In the case of the one row of wide seats with the matching price would then mean the airlines will still get their ticket price and the passenger would not be subject to double ticket price – this could be a win win situation.

Standard size is not functioning anymore since it was originally introduced and I think airlines need to relook at their strategy. I think an airline offering a specialized seating would increase its popularity. I know this would put a strain on large passengers travelling with a companion so perhaps a random wide with a regular on certain middle aisles and to make up three seats could be done twice with accompanying regular seats. The prices would reflect this change and then the problem of discomfort addressed.

These special seats can be specially booked and if they are not taken offered to the general public for those who want extra space with the additional price tag. But it must be large people first choice, and only if still available extended to the general public. I think just a couple in the middle rows would be enough and it would certainly earn customer points.

I think we need to adjust our thinking about flying to make the experience of travelling more enjoyable.

Happy Celeritism


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