Abuse in Religion C.17.07.22

As an equal thinker I want to write about abuses in religion. I will not single out Judaism, Christianity or Islam – the three major world religions but instead treat them with equality.

Abuse whether it be physical or psychological is apparent in all of these followings and their franchises.

This begs the question of the usefulness of religion. It is a danger of mind control and harm. Often the biggest victims are women who are told they are subservient and are under the control of men.

Religion is harmful and regardless of the alleged good it does it sadly has a very unhealthy downside.

Religion is harmful to your health. It is a man made idea created in antiquity by man. I think the stretch of faith to cover the flaws to make excuses is overdue and needs to be addressed.

If religion got rid of the god idea and removed all the harmful aspects it could actually be a wonderful way for people to come together but instead it harbours too many dark and dangerous aspects.

Be wise, be smart and recognize humanity has been had for thousands of years.

Happy Celeritism


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