The Now C.17.07.21

Sometimes we forget to live in the here and now. It is all too easy to dwell on the past when we know that cannot be changed or alternatively we think about the future of which can go any which way.

It is time to recognize the Now. Live in the moment. It almost sounds like a soap opera doesn’t it? It is a very true statement. We sometimes forget to live for the now.

Too often I have wasted time thinking about what I have said and done. I cannot change my words or actions. What is done is done. No one is perfect. We all make life choices which can make us cringe or even regret but that is what life is all about, making choices.

We must be true to ourselves and know when we do things it is in the moment and then move on and live in the moment.

Live for today and whether you make a mistake or make perfect choices be happy and content.

Today I have some people to see and some errands to do but in doing this I will stop and enjoy every moment.

Our existence is short, too short to over think our past or to over ponder our future. Enjoy the moment.

Happy Celeritism


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