Road Rage C.17.07.19

It is not pretty but it is a fact Road Rage is on the rise. People are unable to control their anger and the slightest irritation sends them over the top.

Statistically the age range for road rage is early 20’s to around 39 year olds and mostly males. It is a scary thought to think if you make a slither of a mistake that someone could go after you.

Rage is something which can happen not only on the roads but also in supermarkets as I have personally experienced.

Agitation, anxiety and general anger – these health conditions are on the rise. It cannot be discounted that drug usage and alcohol has played a part in rages. And generally it is concerning for the public.

Rage is not acceptable at any level. If you have difficult controlling your anger then seek medical help. Do not inflict your anger on other people. And for those of us victims to anger, stay calm and avoid conflict at all costs.

Happy Celeritism


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